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Most players will probably want to check out frogs the same age as their own frog. All you need to do is TWO THINGS: enter your frog's age in the "Age" box and then click search. DO NOT enter your frog's name or fill in any other boxes. Other boxes you might then want to play with are "Sort by" and Show me" (to adapt the results a little whilst still looking at frogs the same age as your frog).

All other searches work in a similar way. In general you will not enter the name of your trainer or frog unless you only want to see your frog (or find out if there are any other frogs of the same name!).

For advanced search help please leave a note in the forum about what you want to do. If it can be done already I'll tell you how, if not I'll try and work out how it could be done.

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Potential assumes that all training slots have been used so may be different to what is displayed on the Club Statistics.
Power Boost may be out by 100 for young frogs if they have the retirement item 'Cooking for Fitness'

Record Trainer Frog Rank Score Power Boost Fitness Potential Contentment Energy Motivation Age Class Grade

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